Review: Bettinardi BB55 counterbalance

We take the new mallet from Bettinardi out for a spin

Charlie Lemay's picture
Thu, 16 Jan 2014

DUE to the anchored putting ban being introduced in 2016, manufacturers are creating designs which mimic the banned flat-stick and this is the idea behind the Bettinardi BB55.

The shaft has been extended three inches which allows for an arm-lock putting grip a la Matt Kuchar – but that’s not all the company is doing with the added length.

The extended shaft and grip adds 42 grams to the top-end of the putter and so Bettinardi has added 42 grams to the head making this a counterbalance putter.

The idea behind counterbalance putters, such as the TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs, is to get the overall balance point of the putter nearer the player's hands. This increases the MOI, thus making for a more stable and balanced putting stroke.

The first thing you notice when you see the Bettinardi BB55 counterbalance putter is that it is an absolute beast. While it may not look that much bigger than other over-sized putters, it sure seems it.

It’s going to be a putter which splits opinion among golfers. While some will think it’s too chunky, others will think it’s an understated, confidence boosting mallet – you decide.

However, while it may be big it isn’t unbalanced. Who knows whether it is the counterbalance or not but something in this putter ensures a stable ride throughout. No matter what length of swing you need, this thing will provide unbeatable stability.

When you place the putter behind the ball it makes lining up particularly easy thanks to the alignment aids. Two small lines highlight where your ball should sit and one long line stretching back the length of the putter makes squaring your putter face with the hole a doddle.

For an aluminium putter, we were really impressed by the feel. This may be down to the fact Bettinardi employed Feel Impact Technology into the face, removing about 45% of the material from the impact area to soften the feel.

When struck out of the centre it pops off the face deliciously and starts to roll straight off the bat. It provides a satisfying ‘click’ sound at impact and provides good feedback.

The extra length also means players can change where they grip the putter. If you're faced with long-putts, stand up straighter and grip the club nearer the butt and when faced with a little squirter it could be helpful to grip it down to increase control over the club head.


If you need help aligning your putts and you want a balanced putter, look no further. The Bettinardi BB55 counterbalance putter provides an appealing feel but the appearance will split opinion.  

Have a look at the Bettinardi range on its brand-new UK website