Review: Lynx 4 Wheel Cart

We take the 4-wheel push trolley from Lynx out for spin

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Thu, 24 Jul 2014
Review: Lynx 4 Wheel Cart

IN recent weeks, with multiple 36 hole events in the calendar, I was leaning on entering the push trolley market to help get me over the line.

At £179, the Lynx 4 wheel cart was in my price point and on first impressions it was light out of the box and looked both slim and sleek like a healthy black cat.

The ease of use was child's play, opening in literally two seconds, and I attached the bag to the light aluminium frame in no time.

Collapsing the 4 Wheel Cart is also simple and it folds into a compact unit which allows it to be transported with minimal hassle. Getting it in and out of the boot is performed with minimum ease. 

No one wants to spend 10 minutes faffing around with a trolley when they arrive at the course - it only serves to get you hot under the collar - but this cart is a breeze to assemble and collapse. 

Once in play with my new best friend it easy  to push and steer in equal measures and had the Brucie bonus of a foot break to help out on the uneven terrain.

The drinks holder works well in that it is a touch larger than average and helped store my one litre water bottle with ease but for me, the umbrella holder with screw-in safety latch is one of the standout features.

A caddie at heart, I have always been one for having the bag on the shoulder but on leaving my mid-thirties in recent weeks, the 4 Wheel Cart has become a go to for not only 36 hole events but for 18 hole roll ups.

- Multi-function score card holder
- Accessories pocket
- Umbrella holder
- Height adjustable handle with soft grip
- Drinks holder
- Foot brake

Colours: White, black, orange, green and purple


If you are in the market for a push trolley I would seriously recommend you look at purchasing this model from a reputable brand such as Lynx.

At £179 it has proven great value and comes in a range of colours including white, black, orange, purple or green.

RRP: £179