Review: Mizuno MP A302 putter

We take a closer look at one of the new Mizuno blades

Review: Mizuno MP A302 putter

MIZUNO'S new MP A-Series putters combine a lush black IP finish with bevelled white top edge to make their classic shapes easier to align.

The top edge marking, parallel to the face, creates a stronger alignment aid on compact head shapes, than can be achieved with a traditional ‘ball to target' marking.

In terms of appearance, I like the classic blade look with an appealing black finish in contrast to the white alignment aid. The MP A302 is a very good-looking putter of similar size to the Nike Method Core.

The black IP finish helps reduce glare in the beaming sun and also contributes to a fantastic contrast between putter face, ball and green.

The body looks a little too wide for me, however, and I think it sits a little too open at address. I feel as though I have to move my hands to straighten up the blade.

Being head heavy, I didn’t get a huge response from this putter and found myself storming the hole with a few, finishing past the hole numerous times. I also feel like the face is a little dead and doesn't provide near enough feedback to judge distance.

The alignment aid works well, though, by employing two lines - one down the face and one perpendicular to this, which ensures cup-seeking alignment.


This blade has a nice evenly distributed weight but I really struggled distance-wise. With pace paramount in holing putts it meant I struggled to frighten the hole on many of the 10 and 20-footers.

An attractive putter that is let down by the feel which was too harsh for my liking. While it may be easy to align, this becomes irrelevant when there is a breaking putt when pace is all-important. Price may also put people off.

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