Review: Nike ONE RZN ball

Just how different is ONE RZN to the new 20XI?

Review: Nike ONE RZN ball

The polymer resin core inside the Nike ONE RZN ball is designed to be more resilient yet lighter than typical rubber centers.

Its heavier outer layer is designed to help the ball maintain low spin off the driver and consistent spin on iron shots.

On first appearance, this ball appears bright enough with its white Ionomer cover aiding confidence at address, with neat black Nike logo and red number - it's a nice contrast.

One RZN logo on side acts as good alignment aid, too, in similar style to the 20XI ball. Dimples are smaller than the 20XI and appear more like the Nike One Tour D in my book.

Compared to other balls from Nike, One RZN plays as one of the softest and is most prevalent when hitting a wedge or out on the greens.

One RZN's rubber mantle reduces spin and I enjoyed consistently straight and very long hits - interestingly, longer than the premium Nike 20XI ball.

It also launches on a much higher flight than the 20XI with lower driver spin but slightly more wedge spin. There's also very good greenside control with quick check on those delicate 20-yard chip and flop shots, and splash shots react as you'd expect for a top-end ball.


Top ball. Better performance than the more expensive 20XI and when you consider these babies retail for less than £30, One RZN appears well worth the investment.

Unless you’re a very low-capper, I'm not sure you’ll miss the performance of a more expensive ball.

You want more?

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