Review: Golf Crocs Karlson shoes

After 40 years playing the game I'll take comfort over style (Price

Though they arrived too late to be included in my colleagues' recent Ten of the Best: Golf footwear review, I have beenĀ  impressed by these fashionable deck shoe-style Golf Crocs.

During my 40+ years playing golf in a range of footwear - from rubber-uppered sweaty-spikes to blister-inducing brogues, from dial-a-lace FJs to trainer-type soft-spikes, I have never felt more comfortable.

Judging by some comments on the forum following the announcement of these shoes, many of you wouldn't be seen in a coffin wearing these loafers. But to me - and to Hank Haney who endorses them from the practice range - golf is as much about comfort as style.

I have witnessed dozens of competitors in this week's US PGA Championship wearing spikeless golf shoes similar to Golf Crocs. Yes, many are endorsing products but when you're possibly spending up to nine hours a day in the same footwear, comfort must have a bearing.

Personally I have never been more comfortable in a pair of golf shoes and one of my pals whom, having seen mine, immediately purchased a pair online for himself and his dad's birthday, is similarly impressed.

The pyramid spikes not only help cushion the foot, they give more than adequate traction and stability. The laces - a choice of red or white in my box - tighten firmly, don't work loose and offer an attractive contrast option to the uppers.

To the detractors they do maybe give the impression you're heading for the tennis court or the yacht club bar but towards the end of 18 holes of golf I'm looking at my scorecard, not my feet, nor yearning for the moment I can to slump down in the locker room and heave off my shoes.


If comfort is your preference over style, Golf Crocs offer a range of models. Call me old-fashioned but I don't want to think about how I look to my peers on a golf course, I merely want to feel my best and enjoy the game.

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