Review: PING Scottsdale TR Grayhawk

We take a closer look at one of PING's latest groundbreaking putters

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Wed, 25 Sep 2013
Review: PING Scottsdale TR Grayhawk

PING Scottsdale TR putters are named for the true roll they provide as the result of PING’s innovative new variable-depth-groove technology.

The grooves in these putters are deepest in the centre and get gradually shallower toward the perimeter to equalise ball speeds for exceptional distance control on putts struck on the centre, heel or toe. An adjustable-length shaft helps optimise performance.

Perhaps the only aspect that isn’t exemplary is the putter's apperance. By no means ugly but I find the simple black mallet design a little bland. There's a decent alignment aid, however.

When it comes to feel - a rather personal preference - but there's a springy face that isn’t so springy that you lose control. It's perfect. Just a tap needed on the short putts and solid stroke needed from further back, the Scottsdale TR Grayhawk gave me the correct feel I crave in a putter.

I also like the very reassuring sound and feel off the face.

This mallet also sits nicely on the ground and the long grip gets you standing up tall, aiding a smoother stroke. The long alignment aid helped me pour in the shorties and was also helpful from outside 10-feet.

Variable Depth Grooves ensured off-centre hits felt like they were still moving on my intended path. All in all, a nicely weighted putter that I just couldn’t miss with from that must-make distance.


A fantastic putter and well worth splashing the cash. PING has created a putter that has the perfect feel for the greens. If I had to highlight an area that didn’t score top marks, it would be appearance, yet golf is not a fashion show after all.

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