Review: Srixon AD333

What do we make of Srixon's golf ball aimed at the mid-to-high capper?

Review: Srixon AD333

SRIXON AD333 performance has a gradient growth core – firm on the outer layer but progressively softer towards the centre.

All of that enables explosive golf ball speed off the tee with club head speeds of 80mph or more and reduced spin for maximum distance, but giving a soft feel for your short game for excellent golf play for beginners to pros.

Doesn't quite have the 'wow' factor of the Z-Star but I like the neat, black and blue logo and numbering on the front, with a straight alignment aid marking on the side. Thin and soft, blended cover also ensures exceptional soft feel.

AD333 is a very soft feeling ball, especially for a 2-piece construction. Sweet connection off the clubface time and time again and it also rolls nicely off the putter blade.

Greenside feel is impressive too. On the greens I found judging distances little problem. It's easy to see why Srixon is one of the most popular 2-piece ball choices in the UK.

Driver spin was higher than expected with the driver but quite low down on the wedges. About average distance off the tee but solid enough.

Obviously accuracy is a more of a swing trait but I find this ball delivers a narrow dispersion pattern.


It might not perform like Srixon's premium Z-Star, but for less than half the price of the premium ball, the AD333 represents exceptional value for money for the mid-to-high capper.

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