Review: Sundog Bolt TrueBlue glasses

Sprint clear of your rivals with new Bolt shades from Sundog

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Fri, 3 Oct 2014
Review: Sundog Bolt TrueBlue glasses

SUNDOG EYEWEAR, the innovative high-tech sunglasses manufacturer, has this year introduced a new range of stylish TrueBlue glasses for golfers.

The glasses filter harmful blue light and block UV light for the ultimate in eye protection and greater accuracy out on the course.

Blue light – also known as ‘near UV’ – is the high-energy visible light that creates veiled glare in the eye and leads to visual fatigue.

The latest TrueBlue lenses also provide golfers with 100% UVA/UVB filtration up to 400m to help avoid any long-term damage to their eyes.

The only non-prescription sunglass lens in the world to incorporate both melanin and ocular lens pigment (OLP), Sundog’s TrueBlue enhance definition, reduce glare and refine protection from natural sunlight.

Melanin is nature’s primary pigment for photo-protection from sunlight damage, while OLP is found in the lens of the eye to protect it from UV. Both limit the amount of blue light that can reach the retina in the eye.

There are nine different glasses in the TrueBlue range, including the Boltcomplete with flow-through top venting and open bottom frame design.

Sundog, a brand this year celebrating its 30-year anniversary, is currently the brand of choice for several high-profile Tour stars including Paula Creamer - who has her own Sundog collection headlined by the Freestyle and Bravo models. 

I tested out a pair of Sundog TrueBlue Bolt glasses during several rounds in America recently and was thoroughly impressed with what they had to offer.

Okay, I know what you're thinking, they're a pair of shades, they sit on your face and that's all there is to say about it, young Andrew. Well yes, but at the same time, I've never worn a pair of shades that sit so well on the face during the swing.

Then again that's hardly surprising as these glasses are purpose-built for golf.

Too many times I play golf with shades on - usually a pair of fake Oakleys that I spent 10 Euros on, glasses which are more suited to the beach than the course - and they wobble around over the bridge of my nose during the swing. It's a little off-putting to say the least.

Sundog TrueBlue Bolt glasses, however, feature a stylish and lightweight MaxFlex Rilsan frame with open-bottom lenses for both performance and comfort. The nose bridge has Megol pads with co-injected temple tips to prevent slippage and increase comfort. At times, it feels like you're not even wearing shades at all. 

As for reading greens, which is often many people's reasons for not wearing sunglasses out on the course, the Bolt is far removed from those thoughts as the high performance TrueBlue lens technology works its magic.

TrueBlue branded lens technology incorporates synthetic melanin and ocular lens pigment (OLP), to filter blue light and block ultra-violet light for the ultimate in protection and performance.

Striking pure putts in the sun couldn't be more simple. Putting from outside of 30-feet - an area of putting I usually find tricky to gauge pace when wearing shades - felt just as similar as putting with no glasses on. My vision was crystal clear and distortion-free throughout, but at the same time, I was protected from squinting at the cup and ball in the sun.

RRP £69.99 

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