Review: TaylorMade Ghost Spider Si putter

What do we make of TaylorMade's new counterbalanced mallet putter for 2014?

Review: TaylorMade Ghost Spider Si putter

TaylorMade Ghost Spider Si is a high MOI counterbalanced putter that is one of the most consistent and forgiving putters the company has introduced. The large 380g head coupled with a 15-inch, 130g counterbalanced grip helps promote exceptional stability, control and feel.

While the typical putter has one light end (grip) and one heavy end (head), putting more weight in the grip to counterbalance the weight of the head increases the MOI of the entire club, from top to bottom, which makes it 50% more stable and much easier to keep the head on path - something the company calls "Stroke Stability."

Ghost Spider Si has an MOI of more than 6000 which makes the putter head more resistant to twisting at impact and helps protect ball speed and distance-control on off-centre hits.


Aesthically, Spider Si is a simple yet innovative design. The appearances has evolved a little more from the Daddy Long Legs of 2013 but the white head once again contrasts beautifully with the green to promote additional alignment benefits. I found the "spider legs" help get the face of the putter square at address and the black portion of the putter with the three alignment lines ensures putter head is straight down the intended line.


One of the best feeling mallets I've tested this season. The PureRoll Surlyn insert promotes a soft-yet-solid feel and a very smooth roll off the face. I enjoyed the counterbalance on offer and experienced a heavier head that appeared to aid a stable stroke. I also like the extended grip as it allows you to grip the putter wherever you want in order to feel comfortable over the ball.


Very forgiving putter that is almost impossible to miss from close range. Distance control also very strong on the 15-foot putts.


Very stable putter and perfect if you're struggling to bury those shorties. Counterbalance system instils confidence and a lack of twisting at impact on the must-make putts as well as decent distance control on the long putts. Great value for money at £130.

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