Review: TaylorMade Tour Preferred wedge

What do we make of the brand new wedge from TaylorMade?

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Mon, 21 Jul 2014
Review: TaylorMade Tour Preferred wedge

Brand: TaylorMade
Wedge: Tour Preferred
Best price: £94.99
Lofts: 50- to 60-degree
Bounce: 9- to 12-degree
Sole grinds: Classic and ATV
Finish: Tour Satin
Shaft: KBS Tour V Wedge

Summary: The TaylorMade Tour Preferred Wedge features TaylorMade's most aggressive grooves ever created to produce spin and control on all shots. The optimised microtexture face promotes added spin for increased control in the scoring zone. The traditional headshape is crafted from soft 304 stainless steel with a raw tour satin finish.

Looks: This is a fantastic looking wedge that has a classic design and minimalist feel. The Tour Satin finish gives it a refined look and looking down on it from the top filled us with confidence. Classy branding on the back of the club should appeal. We're confident that almost everyone will love the look of this wrench. 

Feel: One of the best feeling wedges in the test from both around the green and from distance. A crisp feel is on offer which allowed us to control our shots and impart lots of spin if we wanted. This is one of those clubs which feels so great you just want to keep on swinging - a pleasure to hit.

Performance: This was one of the longer wedges in the test but more impressively it was also incredibly straight. Long clubs normally fall down when it comes to accuracy but not the TaylorMade Tour Preferred. It also offers a great deal of workability and we were able to manipulate the ball flight with ease whether it be from a full distance or from around the dance floor. It is a club which inspires confidence due to its consistent yardage and control and when it comes to wedges, 'confidence-inspiring' is right up there in terms of one the most important attributes. Around the greens and out of the sand we were able to get a load of spin on the ball, especially out of the bunkers. There is also a decent amount of forgiveness for a wedge which performs so well as we were able to get decent change out of mishit shots.

Verdict: This is an outstanding wedge and TaylorMade’s greatest to date, no doubt. The Tour Preferred combines a gorgeous appearance with top-quality performance. It has length, accuracy, workability and a brilliant feel.

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