Review: VPAR app

Dubbed to be the world's greatest golf app

Review: VPAR app

Much has changed since the initial launch of the VPAR app in 2011 when live scoring was in its infancy.

Now, with two more years of experience the VPAR developers have designed a product that any golfer would want during a round, especially given its free.

VPAR app, which prides itself on enabling a golfer to plan a strategy and share the excitement of the round with others, provides an interactive service using live scoring, live leaderboards and a GPS tracking device to give you an all round golfing experience.

It also allows you to record stats during a round if you're really keen or working out your individual faults, with percentages and averages all worked out for you through the interactive system.

To use the VPAR app all you need to do is sign up on your iPhone and either create or join a game with friends in any format, whether it be strokeplay or matchplay.

Then when you're playing, just simply tap in your scores after each hole and the stableford points, for instance, will be calculated to avoid the confusion at the end of the round that you would sometimes get with a paper scorecard.

Its not just for on-course excitement, though. People can eagerly track your progress from the comfort of their own home on a PC or watch the round unfold on the live clubhouse leaderboard.

Last month I was invited to the official launch of the new app, in a competition comprised of industry experts and curious journalists to test out the latest version of the VPAR app, as my colleagues back at Golfmagic Towers watched on excitedly. Or so they said.

For the first time in my life I was genuinely nervous on the closing holes as I had a chance to win the 20-man competition and this was all down to the app.

I found myself franticly refreshing the leaderboard on the 18th knowing I would have to attack both my drive and approach shot. I haven't felt that excited on a golf course since my junior matchplay days.

The app doesn't just make your round more competitively enjoyable, on every shot the GPS tracking system tells you how far the ball is away from the hole and other course features, such as bunkers.

On the tee shot you're presented with a birds-eye view over each hole, which gives you the choice of attacking or playing safe for a better overall strategy.


I have nothing but praise for the VPAR app. It makes golf more enjoyable on more counts than one and whether it be playing each hole to a certain strategy or knowing you're in contention during an unofficial competition.

The VPAR team have said it brings passion to the game and I completely agree. It's fair to say this app may one day be the most widely used in golf.

For more information visit the VPAR website and CLICK HERE to download the app

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