Review: Wilson Staff DX2 Soft

How much of an improvement is the new DX2 Soft?

Review: Wilson Staff DX2 Soft

The re-designed 2-piece Wilson Staff DX2 Soft is now the softest distance ball on the market.

This 40 Compression ball, the lowest of any ball available to golfers in the UK, has become one of the most popular golf balls played by regular players over the last five years.

New seamless 302 dimple pattern produces a more consistent flight, while the Ionomer cover generates high-lift characteristics on tee shots and long approaches from the fairway. Neat logo and numbering on the front aids confidence, as too, alignment marking at side.

The core is unbelievably soft. It feels much softer than you'd expect for a 2-piece ball.

Minimal driver spin but the soft shell allows for the user to impart a good amount of wedge spin on the ball. Wedge spin rates, although high, were a little too strong.


Solid golf ball at a great price. Great feel due to the soft shell and core which also allows you to impart lots of spin. Average distances but penetrating ball flight.

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