Review: Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 fairways and hybrids

Golfmagic gets a first look at the new M3 woods

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Wed, 2 Oct 2013
Review: Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 fairways and hybrids

GOLFMAGIC was afforded the luxury of taking a first look at Wilson Staff's brand new FG Tour M3 range. After checking out both iron and driver, it was onto the fairways and hybrids. 

As you might expect, the FG Tour M3 fairways and hybrids feature much of the same look and technology as their big brother - with the only exception being there are no alignment aids on the crown.

The fairways, available in 13.5-, 15- and 17-degree, can be adjusted 1-degree down and 2-degree up, also in half degree increments. Each degree of loft change this time around alters launch angle by 0.8-degree and spin by approximately 200 RPM.

Like the FG Tour M3 driver, the fairway woods feature six different loft settings and three performance-enhancing sole weight options. The loft and sole weight options make these fairway woods customisable for ideal trajectory and increased clubhead speeds.

The fairways feature a variable thickness face and crown element that allow mass to be moved to optimise centre of gravity and increase ball speeds.

The hybrids, meanwhile, available in 17-, 19-, 21- and 23-degree, can be adjusted 1-degree up or down from the stated loft. The M3 hybrid’s hosel also allows for an upright setting at each loft.

With adjustable lofts and weights, the M3 hybrid has been designed to complement the M3 fairway woods and irons and offer the performance a 'feel' player desires. The loft changes allow 'feel' players to optimise distance and trajectory while lie changes allow these players to improve control and turf interaction.


Wilson designed the M3 hybrid to perfectly compliment the M3 iron and serve as a long iron replacement, and if truth be told, I love it.

Of both fairway and hybrid, there's no question I favoured the 19-degree hybrid in terms of ball striking, again with a heavier sole weight that I felt helped me go down and after the ball and pop it airborne. £150 for the hybrid looks a steal.

The fairway wood in 15-degree was flying long off the tee to around the 220-yard mark and certainly felt solid enough but results weren't as consistent as the hybrid when it came to playing the ball off the deck. Although, I guess that's to be expected.

With the M3 Hybrid, I was really able to dial in my shots from the 210-yard range and hit high, towering shots down my target line on a consistent basis. Turf interaction felt great from both fairway and semi-rough as the ball popped up sweetly off the clubface. I also played a few delicate shots around the green with it.

With the option of adjustability available in the FG Tour M3 hybrid, you can really help fill those gapping issues you may have in your game between longest iron and fairway wood. The ability to hit a stock 215-yard shot to fill in between my 200-yard 4-iron and 220-yard fairway wood is more than ideal.

While I'm not a massive fan of the new iced look on the crowns of the M3 woods, one benefit is that there's no glare on the clubhead when its sunny. I would, however, liked to have seen some sort of alignment aid in order to inspire a little more confidence at address. Then again, that's just personal preference.

In terms of feel, the standard Aldila RIP Phenom 65 shaft in the fairway and 85 in the hybrid aid a low-launching ball flight. The clubheads also feel very stable and there's plenty of feedback on offer.

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