Review: Wilson Staff Vizor Level 2 M3 putter

What do we make of the upgraded Wilson Vizor putter for 2014?

Andy Roberts's picture
Tue, 3 Jun 2014

WILSON STAFF Vizor Level 2 M3 features an improved version of last year's I-Lock technology - the concept of which is to help the golfer make sure his or her eyes are in a position directly over the putter and the target line at address.

This time the I-Lock system has been altered slightly. There is more open alignment 'bridge' to allow additional light in for a quicker and easier confirmation of being over the target line.

The 'bridge' is now level with the ground for a more consistent eye and address position and there is a single colour, high contrast black/white alignment aid.


I definitely prefer the frosted silver head finish this time around, featuring much more refined edges and detailing in comparison to last year's original Vizor. New I-Lock system is an interesting one but it has the sole purpose of aiding the golfer in positioning eyes directly over ball and line of putt.


New urethane insert provides a soft feel from close and long range putts and a very comfortable Wilson Staff X-Tack synthetic grip encourages a smooth stroke. It did feel a tad light in the hands, though, especially for a mallet design and it felt like a rattlesnake in the hands when the wind picked up.


I-Lock is certainly a helpful putting aid because it tells you when you locked in and ready to putt, but I just feel there's too much distraction here in the sense of looking at the cup, lining the putt up and then worrying whether you were pushed, pulled or locked in to the I-Lock system. When you're a little nervous - let's face it, we all get jittery on the greens - seeing lines flick back and forth isn't exactly ideal. Nevertheless, despite being a distraction, there's no denying it's a very helpful putting aid. Wilson says it's easy to understand and transfer from the practice green to the course. For me, however, it's a putter I'd rather use on the practice green to help me work on my alignment rather than one I'd want to take out for 18 holes.


Reasonably good value for £120 when you consider it's nice soft face feeling insert and it's great to see Wilson Staff moving in the right direction again with its new family of golf clubs for 2014. If you like the idea of an alignment system that tells you when you're locked in and ready to drain a putt, this is well worth a look.

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