TaylorMade R15 driver review

What do we make of the new R15 from TaylorMade?

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Thu, 9 Apr 2015
TaylorMade R15 driver review

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Name: TaylorMade R15
RRP: £369
Loft options: 9.5, 10.5, 12 and 14 degrees
Adjustability: Two 15g weights can be placed in the heel or toe to reduce slices or hooks, placed in the centre for more distance, or split for more forgiveness; the hosel allows loft to be moved up or down by two degree
45.5" Stock shaft: Fujikura Speeder Evolution 57

Key features

  • Two new sliding weights (15g) allow the golfer to fine-tune ball flight 
  • Low, forward centre of gravity, with 75% of the weight in the front of the head to reduce spin and add distance

Looks: TaylorMade has returned to an appealing white crown design - it is also available in black - and the giant 460cc head looks great behind the ball. There is also a neat alignment aid. Flipping the head over to look at the sole and you will notice elements of TaylorMade driver history. It is essentially an anniversary product with the innovative "Speed Pocket" and new double sliding weights. Tester's comment: "The head shape reminds me of a larger R11."

Feel: Much easier to control than the AeroBurner driver. The stock shaft is about as good as it gets in terms of overall balance and the sound at impact is also better than any TaylorMade driver we have tested before with a hearty noise on centre strikes. Tester's comment: "Terrific levels of feedback."

Performance: The R15 proved just as long as the AeroBurner, but pleasingly, much more accurate, particularly when the weights were split. Both testers received their biggest distance when centering the weights. It launched quite high, especially comparing it in the same loft against the former SLDR driver, but thankfully the spin rate was nicely down. Tester's comment: "Adjusting the weights could not be any easier."

Verdict: GOLD

Without doubt, one of the longest, straightest and easiest to adjust drivers we have tested in 2015. Not cheap at £369 but we can assure you if you can stomach the price tag, you are unlikely to be disappointed.

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