Train Your Aim practice aid review

Sink more putts with this incredibly simple training aid...

Train Your Aim practice aid review

AS far as putting aids go, Train Your Aim is one of the simplest you’ll find.

The device is just two pieces of plastic which fit together and when attached to your golf club, aid your alignment.

Assembling Train Your Aim is easy to use and it can be used by right and left handers. It fits on any golf club, although it is most beneficial on a putter.

While I wasn’t sure how much it would help, it’s surprising how much easier it makes alignment when putting. I was sinking more putts, especially from around 10 feet, and felt my confidence was higher with the flat stick in my hand thereafter.

Another beneficial aspect is it allows you to ground your putter in the correct fashion. When the product is adjusted to the right specifications, players know that if they have the horizontal bar over the alignment aid then the putter is grounded properly, without a heel or toe bias.

Many players ground their club incorrectly and it negatively impacts on the rest of the stroke. 

The device is small and light and can therefore be carried around in your bag and taken out when you start to wobble over those downhill, five-footers. 


This simple training aid is useful for those players who are struggling to line up putts or for players who need a boost of confidence. Train Your Aim is very easy to use and will improve your stroke. 

Price: £6.30

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