VICE Golf Balls Review

GolfMagic tests and reviews VICE golf balls, one of the best value for money brands on the market.

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Wed, 19 Jun 2019
VICE Selected Pack

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There's a ball for every golfer, the PRO balls are of excellent quality, great feel, extremely affordable
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PRICE: £15.95 YEAR: from 2019

When it comes to golf balls, most players tend to think of Titleist and TaylorMade as the main go-to, with Callaway close behind. Well what if you could get very high quality golf balls for a much cheaper price...? Ladies and gentlemen, VICE Golf.

GolfMagic recently received a multipack of VICE golf balls, consisting of the five different options available: DRIVE, TOUR, PRO, PRO SOFT, and PRO PLUS. All of the balls come at a very reasonable price because VICE is only available on their online store, skipping the middle man when it comes to pro shops.


The VICE DRIVE is made with a two piece construction, with a DuPont Surlyn cover. It has an extremely tough and cut-resistent soft core as well as a 392 symmetrical dimple design. The VICE DRIVE is perfect for players with a low to medium club speed who are seeking as much distance as possible. The ball allows players with slower clubhead speeds to achieve distances they wouldn't get with other balls, while also achieving more roll and a softer feel. RRP £13.08 per dozen (£1.09 per ball).


The VICE TOUR is made with a three piece construction with a DuPont Surlyn cover and is an extremely durable golf ball. The 392 aerodynamic dimple design makes the ball a lot more stable through the air. It offers a agreat combination of long carry and minimal dispersion, while also offering excellent greenside control and a soft feel. The VICE TOUR is a great option for players of all speeds and abilities. RRP £19.08 per dozen (£1.59 per ball).


The VICE PRO SOFT is made with a three piece ast urethane cover with an extremely durable 336 dimple design, offering low compression for extra soft and responsive feel. The matte outer coating is made with tiny silicate particles and is optimised for extraordinary distance off the tee, but still offers a premium feel, with high spin and control around the greens. The VICE PRO SOFT is perfect for ambitious players with medium clubhead speed looking for extra soft feel. These are also available in two bright neon colours, green and red. RRP £29.88 per dozen (£2.49 per ball).



The VICE PRO is made with a three piece cast urethane cover with a 318 large dimple design for stable trajectory. It also features a High Energy Speed Core (HESC) for increased ball speed. Thanks to the brand's S2TG technology, the VICE PRO has excellent green grabbing control with phenomenal feel and spin rates. The VICE PRO is a great option for advanced players with a medium to high clubhead speed. RRP £29.88 per dozen (£2.49 per ball) and also available in NEON.


The VICE PRO PLUS is made with a four piece design and cast urethane cover with a highly durable 336 dimple design. The dual csaing on the ball creates extra distance combined with a lower ball flight. Like the PRO ball, the PRO PLUS uses S2TG technology that offers excellent feel and spin. This was our favourite ball, as we loved the lower launch and lower spin with the driver, giving us a lot more distance, but had all the control you want from a premium golf ball. The perfect ball for advanced players with a medium to high clubhead speed. RRP £29.88 per dozen (£2.49 per ball) and also available in NEON. 


The VICE golf balls are up there with any brand we've tested this year. They might not be used on Tour just yet, but that is due to the size of the brand, not the quality of the balls. The PRO PLUS balls were as good as every premium ball we've used so far and at such a cheap price per dozen, we can't recommend them enough.

VICE has covered every different type of golfer and club speed, to provide a ball for everyone.

If you are unsure which VICE ball would best suit your game, then the selected pack that we tested is available for £15.95 where you receive two of each ball.

For more information on VICE golf balls click here.

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