Voice Caddie T2 Hybrid GPS watch review

Voice Caddie's stylish multi-sport rangefinder offers a one-stop GPS device

Wed, 5 Aug 2015
Voice Caddie T2 Hybrid GPS watch review

Weight: 60g
Dimensions: W 4.7 x H 4.7 x D 1.5 cm
Touchscreen: No
Battery life: Rechargeable/ 10 hours with GPS, six weeks without GPS
Course capacity: Up to 40,000 courses
Colours: White, black
RRP: £179

Key features:  

• Sleek, stylish design
• Golf GPS with over 30,000 courses worldwide pre-loaded
• Hybrid watch with fitness, running, and cycling functions
• Swing tempo training module
• Water resistant to 30M


Charging – with a four-pin crocodile clip and USB cable – takes two hours and the time/date settings are easy enough to change, as with any modern digital device. The charge will last a day, so 36 holes, but it will need recharging overnight.

Ease of use:

Like most modern devices the T2 could appear bamboozling on first look but set up is easy and the overall operation is simple.

At your chosen course, select golf mode and the T2 will locate the nearest satellite and plug you into your course. The hole number, par, and distances to front, middle and back are displayed clearly enough and you are ready to play. Navigating between modes is straightforward.

The SmartScorecard will keep track of your score – up to a point. (Lost balls and drops cause some confusion and need manual tweaking).  

Best features:

The T2 Hybrid is just that – a golf GPS rangefinder with fitness, cycling and running functions to suit the keen athlete after a watch to do it all.

The menu page is easy to interpret and scroll between golf, scorecard, fitness and settings. Golf mode offers the usual distances to front, middle and back of greens in yards or metres clearly displayed.

You can also measure individual shot distances by pressing a button at your starting point – the device will continuously display the distance from there to your current location.

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The T2 will also keep your score if you have selected “Auto-scoring” although it cannot keep up with lost/dropped balls/three-off-the-tee and needs to be adjusted manually. Historic scorecards can be stored.

The watch will also measure your swing tempo – backswing, downswing and overall – and give feedback on time elapsed, distance walked and calories burned.

By downloading T2 VC manager from www.voicecaddie.com you can update golf course information and upload round data to review each shot on an aerial map.


For those who like playing golf with a watch on – and plenty don’t – the Voice Caddie T2 Hybrid represents an excellent rangefinder for at-a-glance yardages at your ball. Even the cynical will find themselves lost without that handy comfort blanket once deprived of the service.

Of course, the sturdy rubber strap means you could attach it to your belt/bag/buggy and put it back on your wrist after the round.

Bear in mind that the watch does not take into account weather or fairway elevation so the golfer will need to add their own judgment. And there is no graphical representation of the course – straight yardages only.

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In an ideal world, an on-screen clock in golf mode would be a nice touch, rather than having to press and hold the menu button to get the time.

For those of an athletic persuasion, the running and cycling functions – measuring distance, pace, calories burned - mean you can do away with multiple devices and have a good-looking watch for all your pursuits, although more detailed fitness information and training archives are beyond its remit.

Overall, the Voice Caddie T2 hybrid represents a strong offering in the GPS watch market and will appeal to those looking for either a simple-to-use rangefinder or a stylish one-stop device for multi-sports.

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