MP-T5 wedge

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 17 Aug 2015

One of the most versatile wedges out there

Need To Know

New Quad Cut Grooves aid very strong backspin on full strikes; soft, balanced feel around the greens; textbook teardrop shape appeals to the eye; one of the most versatile wedges out there
heavier head may detract some players; not that forgiving
Our score:
PRICE: £90.00 YEAR: from 2015

five sole grinds and two finishes of chrome and black - appeals to better players.

Hot: Strong backspin from the new Quad Cut grooves; much more of a better player look about it; offers better versatility; good variety as there are 14 different lofts from 49- to 62-degree as the wedge comes in one-degree increments

Not: Less forgiving than the Mizuno S5; slightly heavier feel was not quite for us but that may appeal to others

PLAYABILITY: All-purpose versatility—from monster flops to low, linksy skippers, it’s all on the table; big, oval face is so easy to lay open that almost every loft can execute high, floaty pitches; the hefty head and sleek sole take a lot of the guesswork out of sand shots—one of the testers’ favorites from bunkers.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Impressive consistency—relatively large hitting area and weighty sole provide a lot of help, from full swings on down; plenty of functional spin, easy to alter to fit the shot you want; full shots stop right where they fall, even out of most standard-issue rough.
FEEL: A true standout, it’s brilliant at impact; the cult of Mizuno carries on—their genuine forging produces arguably the softest face in our test and a rich, full feel, even on partial shots; the heavy head somehow maintains exemplary balance and a fairly light touch.
LOOK: Textbook teardrop shape that sits square and flush to the ball; roomy face makes for a natural, comfortable setup; smooth satin chrome finish stands up to wear and just looks right on the ground.

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