Jon Rahm fires back at reporter over Sergio Garcia Ryder Cup question

Jon Rahm let out an audible sigh as he responded to a reporter's question about Sergio Garcia's future involvement in the Ryder Cup.

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Wed, 13 Sep 2023
Jon Rahm fires back at reporter over Sergio Garcia Ryder Cup question

Jon Rahm let out an audible sigh as he was asked about Sergio Garcia's future involvement in the Ryder Cup

The question? Would he welcome a return for Garcia and other LIV Golf players as future captains and vice captains because it appears we are 'over the worst' of the disruption in men's professional golf. 

On 6 June 2023, the PGA Tour announced a 'framework agreement' that encompasses the European-based DP World Tour and LIV Golf's backers, the PIF of Saudi Arabia. 

There are rumours a global golf league is being planned for 2025 but one PGA Tour official has poured cold water on that. 

Rahm has maintained a consistently neutral stance throughout golf's 'civil war' but there has been one thing the Spaniard has never waivered from. 

And that would be the Garcia's involvement in the biennial dust-up. 

For the first time in 24 years Ryder Cup Europe will be without their record points scorer. 

Rahm sighed and told reporters before the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth:

"I think it would be really stupid of anybody not to lean on Sergio García's experience in the Ryder Cup. I mean, he is the best player Europe has ever had, won the most points and has shown it time and time again.
"If he were able to be a vice captain, I absolutely would lean on him. Same as we are going to lean on Ollie [Jose Maria Olazaba] this coming Ryder Cup, right."

He continued:

"When it comes to the game and all those players being able to be back, it's been a difficult time. Obviously things have changed a little bit. I wouldn't know how to answer because we are going to have to see if it's possible or not, right.
"I would like to see it but unfortunately we've seen some of those players give up their European Tour status where that's no longer a possibility.
"So I would like to see it but we don't know what the future holds, right. I think with this agreement or this possible union between the PGA Tour, DP World and PIP might change things a little bit.
"So until then, it's hard to really give you an answer."

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Europe haven't lost on European soil in more than 30 years but Rahm isn't worried about the challenge Team USA presents. 

"I think we can always match up," he said. 

"How many times have we heard the American Team on paper is a lot better and Europe has been able to win, right?

"It's match play. Again, it's beating the person you have in front of you that day. So again, what you've done or you might do in the future matters very little. It's nice that Viktor is playing really good golf a little.

"I've played with him this year and so has Rory. It's great that we have higher ranking on average but not that that should make -- it shouldn't be affecting the way we think about it."

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