"SAVAGE!" Europe start Ryder Cup mind games early vs USA with "brutal" post!

The social media mind games have started early as Ryder Cup Europe burns Ryder Cup USA on Twitter.

"SAVAGE!" Europe start Ryder Cup mind games early with USA with "brutal" post!
"SAVAGE!" Europe start Ryder Cup mind games early with USA with "brutal"…

If the standard of golf is anything like the current level of banter being seen on Twitter between Ryder Cup Europe and Ryder Cup USA, then we could be in for a cracker at Marco Simone later this month. 

It would very much appear the mind games have started early, at least among the social media admins ahead of the biennial contest set for Rome on September 29. 

Team USA posted a fairly innocent video, informing their followers of some thick juicy rough in places at Marco Simone. 

The ball is thrown into the rough and it just disappears. 

Team Europe then respond with their own scouting report of the rough. 

"How wide are you planning on hitting it lads," tweets Ryder Cup Europe with a video of a ball being thrown into less dense rough. 


Here's how golf fans reacted: 



Love this banter guys!

Shouldn’t matter as the US team far better statistically out of the rough and hit more fairways anyway. Strange course set up decision.

More of this please!

That is some top tier trash talk! Can’t wait for the Ryder Cup!

Gonna be funny when everyone shows up and there is zero rough.


This is amazing!

Interestingly according to some recent stats provided by Jamie Kennedy earlier this month, the European team on average is less accurate the American team. On the flip side, the European team on average is longer than the American team. 


Zach Johnson's Team USA visited Marco Simone last week to check out the golf course, while Luke Donald's Team Europe have arrived today for a couple of days ahead of returning to England to compete in the BMW PGA Championship on Thursday. 

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