Best Golf Tips: 3 EASY tips to improve your iron play

We have three simple and straightforward tips to help you hit perfect iron shots and shooter lower scores.

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Tue, 27 Apr 2021
Best Golf Tips: 3 EASY tips to improve your iron play

Your irons are arguably the most important clubs in the bag as they occupy a large percentage of the shots you hit on the golf course.

If you can improve your iron play, this could help you to find more greens in regulation and have better chances of making a birdie or a par.

Stewart Cink is ranked first on the PGA Tour in greens in regulation, while World No.4 Jon Rahm is fourth in this statistic. This proves that iron play is vital to your performance as both of these players have achieved great success on tour. 

Here are three tips to improve your iron play:

#1 Stay still and central

Many golfers tend to sway their body backwards and forwards during their swing and this can have negative repercussions on the way you strike the ball.

If you move backwards, you could top the ball and if you move forward, you may hit the ground. To prevent these mistakes, keep your body as still as you can so that you are more likely to strike the ball out of the middle of the clubface.

#2 Perfect your set-up

Before you hit your shot, it is important to set up correctly so you feel comfortable with the shot. A useful tip is to put your feet together with the ball positioned in the middle, and then take your stance with the ball still in this position.

Once you have taken your stance, you can line up the ball with the buttons on your shirt or on your trousers. This ensures that your sternum is at the centre of your stance and you have the foundations of a solid set-up.

#3 Shift your weight into the ball

Although you should stay still and central when you begin your swing, it is important to transfer your weight forwards when the club connects with the ball.

You should avoid throwing all of your weight at the shot but if you can steadily transfer some force on to the ball as your downswing begins, this will result in better ball striking and consistent iron play.