Best Golf Tips: 3 GREAT tips on how to warm up on the driving range

Your preparation on the driving range can have significant repercussions on how well you play on the day.

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Sun, 25 Apr 2021
Best Golf Tips: 3 GREAT tips on how to warm-up correctly on the driving range

The quality of golf that you play can be reliant on practice and how well you prepare for your round.

Some people arrive at the golf course and walk straight to the first tee without any practice shots, but some people like hitting some balls on the driving range.

Your preparation on the driving range is crucial and if you can use this time well and settle into your swing, then you are likely to enjoy a successful day on the course.

Here are three great tips to help you correctly warm up on the driving range:

1# Begin with short wedge shots

When you go to the range, you may feel stiff and a bit rusty so it is important to build your feel with the golf ball at the start of your warm-up.

Take a sand wedge or pitching wedge out of your bag and try to hit some soft shots down the range. This will help your hands get used to the golf club and settle into your day.

#2 Pick out targets 

On most driving ranges, there will be flags or other targets that you can aim for and this is good practice for the golf course.

These targets allow you to practice hitting towards real flags that you see on the course and this part of your warm-up can also help to perfect your individual club yardages.  



#3 Hit shots that you will need on the course

When you arrive at the golf club, there might be a strong wind from right to left or it could be straight in your face. Warming up on the driving range can help you adapt to the conditions of the day.

If you can envisage what shots you will need to hit on the course, based on the weather conditions, then you could practise these shots on the range so you are ready to face the challenge on the course.