Bryson DeChambeau outlines 'blue sky' PGA Tour-LIV Golf scenario

Bryson DeChambeau has revealed how LIV Golf players could be reintegrated to the PGA Tour in the future and peacefully coexist. 

Bryson DeChambeau outlines 'blue sky' PGA Tour-LIV Golf scenario
Bryson DeChambeau outlines 'blue sky' PGA Tour-LIV Golf scenario

Bryson DeChambeau has revealed his 'blue sky' scenario which would see the PGA Tour and LIV Golf peacefully coexist. 

DeChambeau recently hopped on Rick Shiels' podcast to offer his take on a number of topics. 

Probably one of the most noteworthy subjects the duo discussed was how the disruption in men's professional golf could end. 

DeChambeau was one of the first players to make the leap to LIV and even took his gripes with the PGA Tour to court. 

He was one of 11 plaintiffs in the antitrust case against the PGA Tour after the golfers were blacklisted for joining the rival league. 

DeChambeau was the last player to withdraw from the action.

He later revealed he remained involved for so long because he was owed bonus money under the inaugural player impact programme

Of course, the landscape of elite men's professional golf could shift once again if the 6 June framework agreement between the PGA Tour and the Saudi PIF is ratified. 

Tiger Woods has already stressed the importance of the looming, 31 December deadline. 

PGA Tour boss Jay Monahan recently claimed the deadline is also a 'firm target' in a rare interview. 

DeChambeau also reckons there could be unity on the horizon and outlined how the PGA Tour's signature events could reintegrate LIV players should they wish to return. 

Bryson DeChambeau outlines 'blue sky' PGA Tour-LIV Golf scenario

He told The Rick Shiels Golf Show: "What I could see is LIV integrating into the signature series on the PGA Tour in some capacity and having two championships in one, where you have the individual component in the signature series, and you have the team side of it.

"You have the teams you're playing for, so no matter what on that final day that guy that's playing really bad still matters, it's still a big deal on the team championship aspect of the tournament.

"Then you guys have the individual side that's still competing for that individual title the way it is currently."

Signature events were previously referred to as elevated and designated. 

The tournaments will only be available for fields of 70-80 players and, controversially, some of them will be without a cut.

Prize purses, compared to recent years, are astronomical. For example, the 2024 Players will reward the winner with a $3.6m cheque. 

DeChambeau continued: "We want to be mainstream. We believe we should be mainstream, we have some of the best golfers in the world that should be highlighted at these events.

"That would be my blue sky scenario where we integrate, we figure out how to make it all mutually be beneficial and we play for the legacy that's there with a new idea and concept on top."

He added: "I think the game eventually needs to come back together. 

"I've said it from day one when I went over and there'd numerous times where I talked to Jay about it, I was like, 'This all has to work out in the end for the good of the game, this can't just be for the PGA Tour or for LIV. The fans have got to win here'."

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