Explained: LIV Golf's format for 14-event 2024 season

The LIV Golf League have announced a format change for their 2024 season. GolfMagic breaks down what tweaks have been made and why.

Explained: LIV Golf's format for 14-event 2024 season
Explained: LIV Golf's format for 14-event 2024 season

The 2024 LIV Golf League has undergone a few tweaks and there are now 13 teams and 54 players. 

If you're already confused because the numbers don't add up then not to worry, all will be revealed. 

So what is happening?

Well, LIV increased the number of teams to 13 to accomodate the addition of Jon Rahm's Legion XIII

The final two spots in the field will be taken by two wildcards. 

Wildcards will only compete in the individual competition and the season-long points race. 

Let's take a look at some of the changes for the 2024 LIV Golf season:

Field size: 

  • 54 players, including 13 teams (Four players each) and two wildcard players.

Counting scores: 

  • Each team's top three scores count for rounds one and two.
  • All four scores will now count for each team in the final round of each event.

Individual points distribution: 

  • Points for players finishing with the same score will be added up and distributed evenly.
  • Tiebreakers will only be in effect to determine podium positions.

Season-long individual standings: 

  • Season long individual standings will retain the Lock Zone for positions 1-24, with updated cut-offs for the Open Zone (25-48) and Drop Zone (49 and below) to reflect the increased field size.
  • Players finishing in the top 24 at the end of the regular season secure their 2025 spot in the League.
  • Players finishing 25-48 who are out of contract will need to be re-signed by their team or picked up by another team.
  • Players finishing 49 and below are relegated out of the League and qualify for the 2024 LIV Golf Promotions tournament.

Individual points and prize money:  

  • Individual points will again be awarded to the top-24 finishers in each event.
  • Prize money payouts have been adjusted to account for the six players added to the field. 

Team championship field: 

  • The top 12 teams following the 13th regular season event will be seeded. The team that finishes in 13th place will not compete but will still attend.

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