Tour pro makes fresh claim over PGA Tour-PIF deal: "That's where it's at"

English tour pro Eddie Pepperell says he believes the PGA Tour's framework agreement with LIV Golf's backers is 'unlikely' to happen.

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Tue, 17 Oct 2023
Tour pro makes fresh claim over PGA Tour-PIF deal: "That's where it's at"

English tour pro Eddie Pepperell has claimed after speaking to sources close to the PGA Tour-PIF deal he believes peace with LIV Golf is 'unlikely' to happen. 

Speaking on the BBC's Chipping Forecast, the golfer said 'all parties' want the deal done when discussing the 6 June framework agreement. 

"But ultimately it is not really workable," he said. 

"It comes back to the number one issue that we've had all along, and that is the time constraints on people, especially with the emergence of the TGL

"If you want to involve LIV [in the official schedule], they're [professional golfers] going to have to play LIV golf, PGA Tour golf, DP World Tour golf and TGL." 

Pepperell was referring to the new, tech-infused golf league that is being spearheaded by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

McIlroy and Woods have recently confirmed the latest recruit to the league, which will air on Monday nights on ESPN, from 9 January. 

In total, 20 PGA Tour stars have signed up to take part. More spaces are still available. 

The PGA Tour is also reverting to a calendar-year based schedule for the first time in more than a decade in 2024. 

It means it will be extremely difficult for high-profile golfers to play in a vast number of events outside of the four major championships. 

Continued Pepperell:

"Well, Rory only plays 20-22 weeks a year. You just don't have have a workable solution.
"And I've spoken to a top player about it on the U.S. side and I've spoken to people on the high end of the board here [in Europe] and they both say the same thing; it is not looking particularly positive.
"I think that's where it is at. If I had to put a bet on at the moment I would say there isn't going to be an agreement that's going to work for everyone."

A memo was circulated by the PGA Tour to its members before the Sanderson Farms Championship two weeks ago. 

Tour officials stated they were doing everything possible to ratify the agreement. 

Jay Monahan, the PGA Tour commissioner, also stressed the effort from each party was monumental. 

But one source with knowledge of the negotiations has told ESPN the PGA Tour are building a $2bn war chest through private equity investments to battle their enemy once again should the deal fall through. 

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