Brooks Koepka blasted by golf fans over 'grim' video of LIV Golf star

Brooks Koepka's nonchalant response to winning $4 million dollars has received mixed reviews online, with some labelling it "Grim".

Brooks Koepka blasted by golf fans over 'grim' video of LIV Golf star

Winning $4m would be a life-changing moment for about 99.9 per cent of the global population, but when you're a LIV Golf star like Brooks Koepka, it appears to just be another day and another dollar. 

Following his victory at LIV Golf Jeddah, Koepka appeared to be unaware he had also confirmed his third place finish in the season standings on the breakaway tour and, as a result, won an additional $4m bonus on top of the $4m he received for winning the tournament in Saudi Arabia.

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Thankfully, a reporter was on hand to reveal the news to Koepka as he stood next to the 18th green, and his response was caught on camera.

In typical Koepka style, he displayed muted excitement, and it's this seeming lack of enthusiasm that has irritated golf fans online. 

While most people would be bouncing off the walls after finding out they won the vast sum that Koepka did, he instead responded with a: "Cool, that's a good feeling."

Fans online were quick to react to the video, and while some found the subdued response amusing, others were eager to criticise the five-time major winner on X (formerly Twitter), with one user, in particular, labelling the video as 'grim'.

Check out how X reacted below:


Never one to shy away from a controversial statement, Koepka also raised eyebrows earlier in the week when he aimed a shot at his fellow Smash GC teammate Matt Wolff

When asked about the 'brotherhood' in his team, Koepka gave a pointed response, claiming there were only three members of the team, despite Wolff making up the fourth spot.

Responding to the question on Friday, Koepka said:

"There’s only three of us on our team. I mean, obviously my brother, I’m pretty tight with him, and then—I've enjoyed being around Jay for the last—I've been pretty close with Jay for maybe the last three years. I've enjoyed being around him. He’s a good player, super talented. It's been fun to be around him, and he’s played pretty solid this year. Yeah, I can’t say anything bad about him."

His comments followed a previous public criticism of Wolff which came at Centurion Golf Club near London, when Koepka told SI: "I've basically given up on him. A lot of talent, but I mean the talent's wasted." 

Following the relegation of his brother from LIV, it looks like Koepka might need to make two signings to his team ahead of the 2024 season, with Wolff's departure looking fairly certain following the pair's public falling out. 

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