Anthony Kim clarifies 'joke' PGA Tour tweet then unloads on Brandel Chamblee (again!)

Anthony Kim posts lengthy tweet clarifying comment about Jimmy Dunne, then bashes Brandel Chamblee some more...

Anthony Kim has gone in on Brandel Chamblee
Anthony Kim has gone in on Brandel Chamblee

LIV Golf's Anthony Kim has taken to Twitter to clarify his comment about the PGA Tour's departing key figure Jimmy Dunne, and then bashed Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee some more in the process. 

Kim, 38, took to social media over a coffee earlier in the day reacting to bombshell news that Jimmy Dunne, the PGA Tour executive that first brokered the 'framework agreement' with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF), had walked out of the policy board. 

The update came a week after Rory McIlroy confirmed he had been rejected a return to the policy board by Tiger Woods and co. 

Dunne revealed he was quitting the PGA Tour board because player power had made his role 'utterly superfluous'.

Kim, who is a combined 46-over par in the 12 rounds he has played on LIV Golf so far this season, tweeted: 

'Good morning having my coffee and read that jimmy is DUNNE.'

Many golf fans took that as something of a dig at the exiting PGA Tour exec, but Kim would later clarify it was just a 'joke' and that he has a lot of 'respect' for Dunne. 


Upon clarifying his earlier tweet, the latest LIV Golf signing and former US Ryder Cup star then went in hard on Chamblee once more. 

Last Friday afternoon, Kim unloaded abuse at Golf Channel analyst and one-time PGA Tour winner Chamblee by calling him a 'pu**y'.

That came hours after Chamblee went back on his word about the PGA Tour's deal with PIF. 

Kim has fired more shots at Chamblee
Kim has fired more shots at Chamblee

Chamblee claimed on 6 June 2023 that the PGA Tour's shock planned merger with the PIF marked "one of the saddest days in pro golf".

Fast forward just shy of 12 months and Chamblee is now claiming the PGA Tour should now accept a deal with the PIF since it is the 'better end of the bargain'.

Watch Chamblee's incredible U-turn here: 

Chamblee said last week:

"The PGA Tour is in this pickle like it or not, but, do you want to compete with someone (LIV Golf) who's not gonna go away, who can outspend you (PIF)...

"Every move they make that makes their Tour better deletes your Tour and causes more division within the Tour.

"So the time is now, to Rory's point about making a deal, I wouldn't have said that a year ago... but it is the better end of the bargain."

After being notified of Kim's shock tweet, Chamblee instantly hit back at him and took shots at fellow LIV Golf star Phil Mickelson in the process. 

But in Kim's latest lengthy tweet, he reiterated he meant every single word about Chamblee, who he refers to as 'Ramble Sham Lee'. 

Brandel Chamblee
Brandel Chamblee

Kim, who won three times on the PGA Tour back in the day, also had a word of warning for all the 'keyboard warriors' out there.

He also tweeted the words 'clown reporting'. 

Kim has a week off to spend even more time on social media as he is not eligible to compete in this week's US PGA at Valhalla. 

Take a look at Kim's latest comments: 

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