Phil Mickelson just did the most incredible thing for an aspiring PGA Tour pro!

Phil Mickelson goes above and beyond to help a player get ready for PGA Tour Q-School Second Stage.

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Mon, 13 Nov 2023
Phil Mickelson does the most incredible thing for aspiring PGA Tour pro

Golf legend Phil Mickelson has done the most incredible thing imaginable for an aspiring PGA Tour pro by inviting him to his house and helping him with his game just days before the second stage of Q-School. 

According to the popular Monday Q Info Twitter account, @acaseofthegolf1, six-time major champion Mickelson went out of his way to help golfer Mark Baldwin with all areas of his golf game over the weekend. 

Monday Q Info reached out to Mickelson after he finished his second season on the LIV Golf League two weeks ago to see if he would be able to help Baldwin best prepare for the second stage of PGA Tour Q-School, which starts on Tuesday November 14. 

Mickelson, 53, not only accepted, but went the extra mile to get Baldwin in the best possible shape to tackle the second stage of PGA Tour Q-School. 

The 45-time PGA Tour winner not only played a 9-hole match with Baldwin on Saturday afternoon, but he then also invited him round his house on Sunday morning for some extra practice and help before playing an 18-hole match with him on Sunday afternoon. 

Baldwin said his weekend with Mickelson was the "coolest experience of my golf life'. 

Scroll down to see Mickelson's text message to Baldwin, and a video...

The second stage of PGA Tour Q-School presents one of the most gruelling tests for pro golfers as those who fail to come through the second stage (without any status based on prior merit) face next season without any PGA Tour or Korn Ferry Tour status. 

But this year at Q-School, for the first time since 2012, PGA Tour cards are available at the Final Stage. 

Monday Q Info explained exactly what Mickelson did on both Saturday and Sunday via Twitter / X

"After the first stage of Q-School, I sent Phil Mickelson a DM asking him to help Mark Baldwin to get ready for second stage. I didn't tell Mark because I never thought Phil would respond. Instead, three hours later Phil said yes, and this weekend Mark had the 'coolest experience of my golf life'. 
"They played a 9-hole match last night. Phil invited him to his house this morning to help w short game and now they are playing an 18-hole match. Amazing of Phil. One of the best players of our time helping a guy get ready for 2nd stage. Truly unreal."

Monday Q Info added: 

"I cannot explain how hard this was to not tweet about over the last two weeks. I wanted to respect Phil’s privacy and although obv great content the goal was for Mark to get ready for Q-School so I didn’t want to cause any distractions, and that is Phil’s backyard."

Here's the text Mickelson sent Baldwin:

Scroll below to see a video, too: 

Without question, one of the most amazing stories we have heard all season. 

Great work, Phil. 

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