Small business owner laughs at Tiger Woods' legal action: "Maybe it shows he's worried"

A small business owner has joked he regards it as a compliment after he was contacted by Tiger Woods' attorneys with a cease and desist letter.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

A small business owner regards being served a cease and desist letter from Tiger Woods' lawyers as a compliment. 

Matthew Wharton is launching a new play-and-party golf course in Anglesey, North Wales. 

He has decided to call the venue 'PuttStroke' which bears similarly to Woods' PopStroke. 

That has prompted attorneys for the 48-year-old golfer to now step in. 


Wharton, 50, joked that Woods might come calling in a previous interview with NorthWalesLive

He did concede he took inspiration from PopStroke, which now has multiple venues across the U.S. 

And he has now told the publication he regards the legal action as amusing. 

Furthermore, he is happy to oblige the request and change the name. 

"I was a bit shocked to receive the letter," he said. 

"It arrived pretty soon after I announced the venture. I was surprised it had caught Tiger's eye so quickly. 

"But I suppose in a way that's quite a compliment - maybe it shows he's worried about the competition!"

He added: "I'm happy to go along with the request and look for a new name. 

"I've decided to seek inspiration from the public - to see if they can suggest something suitable. 

"I'd be delighted to hear ideas for the new name so long as it's not Putty McPuttFace or something."

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

"We live in a Welsh village and we're trying to promote the Welsh language, so it would be good to hear suggestions for names that would translate well and put Welsh first."

PopStroke Entertainment is owned by Greg Bartoli, Woods' TGR Venture and TaylorMade Golf Company. 

The technology-infused golf entertainment venues feature two 18-hole putting courses designed by Woods. 

The courses are coupled with a full-service restaurant and bar. 

In other Woods news, the golfer managed to make the cut at the 88th Masters

But he struggled over the weekend, ultimately finishing in dead last. 

Woods was not discouraged by his performance and revealed plans to compete in all three remaining majors in 2024.

The legendary golfer went viral once again over the weekend, this time over a snap that appeared to show Woods shaking hands with a tree. 

See the best takes below:



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