'These edibles ain't s***!' Tiger Woods reacts to Augusta National tree memes!

Tiger Woods was in good spirits as he looked back at THAT photo from The Masters with Jimmy Fallon.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was in good spirits as he sat back and reflected on The Masters and spoke about the launch of Sun Day Red on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

After speaking to Fallon about the background behind his new golf clothing and footwear brand, on top of setting up a ping-pong match with the popular TV host, it was Woods' reaction to THAT photo from Augusta National that drew the biggest smirks and laughter. 

First of all we should point out Tiger Woods did not exchange pleasantries with a tree at the 2024 Masters last month. 

It just looked like he did and the iconic golfer became an instant meme. 

So much so, Fallon whipped out three of the best memes and put them in front of Woods to gauge his reaction. 

Scroll below to watch the hilarious video...


If you still have absolutely no idea what we are on about then let's rewind a little bit further.

Tiger Woods' viral Augusta National tree meme
Tiger Woods' viral Augusta National tree meme

The first major of 2024 marked the 40th and final Masters Tournament broadcast for CBS announcer Verne Lundquist.

The legendary golf commentator was the voice behind some of the most iconic calls in the tournament's history.

He famously yelled 'Yes sir!' as Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus holed a crucial birdie putt at 17 on his way to victory in 1986.

But undoubtedly his best, and most famous call, came during the 2005 Masters when Woods chipped in at the 16th hole.

"Here it comes. Oh my goodness. Oh, wow! In your life have you seen anything like that?"

Let's quickly relive that magic moment: 

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Woods and Lundquist shared a touching moment in the final round last month, a Sunday that marked Woods' 100th competitive round at Augusta National.

Anyway, back to the top of the story, and those hilarious Augusta National tree memes that Fallon pulled up onto the desk. 

"What happened?!" said Woods, stifling a laugh. 

Fallon put three of the best to Woods, one of which read: 'These edibles ain't s***... 30 minutes later.'

Here's how Woods reacted to the memes: 

Lundquist recently told The Steam Room podcast what was said in his interaction with Woods by the tree. 

“I ventured down to 16 and he was playing 14 at the time and he was having a horrible day," he said.  

"[He was] 5-over and wound up dead last in the tournament.

"But even though he was five over, he walked off the green at 16 and as he approached, I just said, ‘Tiger, thank you.’

"He reached over and shook my hand and we chatted.

"In all candour, I can’t remember what we said, except I thanked him for the kind words that he had, and he said, ‘We’re gonna be tied at the hip forever’ because of that shot and because of what I said.”

Lundquist added: "The thing I most treasure about it, he went over and teed off at 17, I was still standing under the tree.

"And as he walked down the 17th fairway, he just looked over and gave me a thumbs up.

"I will treasure that forever."

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