Tiger Woods fires warning shot to PGA Tour boss in bombshell news conference

Tiger Woods has broken his silence on the PGA Tour's looming framework agreement with LIV Golf's financiers ahead of the Hero World Challenge.

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Tue, 28 Nov 2023
Tiger Woods fires warning shot to PGA Tour boss in bombshell news conference

Tiger Woods has fired a warning shot to PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan ahead of his latest comeback. 

Woods spoke publicly for the first time about the North American circuit's much-talked-about 'framework agreement' with LIV Golf's financiers ahead of the forthcoming Hero World Challenge on 28 November. 

The golf world was stunned on 6 June 2023 when PGA Tour boss Monahan sat alongside LIV mastermind Yasir Al-Rumayyan on national television and confirmed that, after a series of secret meetings across the globe, the two organisations would work towards forming a new, for-profit company together. 

Woods told reporters on Wednesday he was 'surprised' by the news and 'frustrated' no players were consulted. 

The 15-time major champion said he has faith in Monahan going forward but warned: "That can't happen again."

Other revelations from his news conference included:

  • His long-time friend, practice partner and vice president of TGR Ventures, Rob McNamara, will caddie for him in Albany
  • He doesn't know who will caddie for him in 2024, but hinted his teenage son Charlie could be on the bag in some events
  • He is currently ruling out being the 2025 U.S. Ryder Cup captain as 'there's too much at stake with our Tour'
  • Woods is confident a 'deal' will be confirmed by the 31 December
  • All sides are engaged in ongoing negotiations with 'no animosity'
  • He understood why Rory McIlroy stood down from the policy board
  • His latest ankle surgery was a resounding success
  • He believes he could play 'one tournament per month' in 2024

"My reaction was surprised"

Asked for his thoughts on the 6 June announcement, Woods said: "I would say that my reaction was surprised as I'm sure a lot of the players were taken back by it, by what happened. So quickly without any input or any information about it, it was just thrown out there.

"I was very surprised that the process was what it was. We were very frustrated with what happened and we took steps going forward to ensure that the player involvement was not going -- we were not going to be left out of the process like we were.

"So part of that process was putting me on the board and accepting that position."

Woods said the Tour has 'multiple options' going forward but 'would like' to get a deal agreed by 31 December. 

Asked if he still has faith in Monahan, Woods said: "That was part of why I came on to the board is I did have faith in Jay and in what he could do going forward and what can't happen again."

He added: "I am confident a deal will get done in some way. Whether that comes December 31st or is pushed back, we're all -- all sides understand we're working together.

"There are no lawsuits. Everyone's understanding what that looks like and we're all progressing going forward. Everyone's working right now with no animosity. We're trying to work to try and get a deal done for the tour and for all parties involved."

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