Tiger Woods issues blunt response to reporter over logo question

A new-look Tiger Woods, sporting Sun Day Red apparel, has revealed what is happening to his famous TW logo ahead of the Genesis Invitational.

Tiger Woods issues blunt response to reporter over logo question
Tiger Woods issues blunt response to reporter over logo question

Tiger Woods has revealed the TW logo is no more and he doesn't want it back. 

The 48-year-old finally confirmed one of the worst-kept secrets in men's professional golf ahead of his first PGA Tour start of 2024. 

Days before the Genesis Invitational, Woods revealed his 'next chapter' after bringing an end to his 27-year association with Nike in January. 

Woods has launched his new footwear and apparel line Sun Day Red. It is a venture in partnership with his equipment manufacturer TaylorMade. 

In unveiling that, he closed the door on his iconic TW logo, which the hall of fame golfer debuted in the year 2000 just before he won the Tiger Slam.

Woods confirmed that by rolling out Sun Day Red, he did not get the rights to take the logo with him. 

Not that it mattered to the 82-time PGA Tour winner, who said he didn't want the logo anyhow, given this is a 'new chapter' in his life. 

A reporter asked Woods: "I was thinking about this later, with leaving Nike and now being with TaylorMade, what happens to the TW logo? Do you ever get that back?"

Woods was quick to reply: "No."

Then he explained: "I don't want it back, I've moved on. This is a transition in my life.

"I've moved on to Sun Day Red and we're looking forward to building a brand that elicits excitement and is transformative."

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Woods' new logo is a tiger emblem made up of 15 stripes. It represents the number of major championships he has won. 

The brand will have a tinker to the logo should he do the improbable and tick off another one before he retires. 

Some of his fans have not been impressed with the name Sun Day instead of Sunday. 

According to Woods, it 'looked perfect' and there's also special power in 3's. 

"It's the right time of my life," Woods said about moving on from Nike. 

"It's transitional. I'm not a kid any more. I want to have a brand that I'm proud of going forward. Sunday red - it's me."

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