WATCH: PGA Tour pro fires range balls at caddie at ZOZO Championship

Mark Hubbard and Geno Bonnalie continue to wow golf fans with their amusing online antics at the ZOZO Championship in Japan. 

Mark Hubbard
Mark Hubbard

PGA Tour pro Mark Hubbard and Joel Dahmen's caddie Geno Bonnalie appeared to be having quite a fun time in Japan at the ZOZO Championship.

During a practice round, Bonnalie caught Hubbard on camera topping his drive ten yards, and yesterday, the two were once more filmed doing a little catching practice on the range.

But it's not the kind of catching practice you would typically do with your friends. 

Hubbard had taken up a position on the range at Narashino CC in Japan and had clearly picked out Bonnalie, who was stood on the practice green with Dahmen, a good 50 metres away. 

Displaying absolute pinpoint accuracy, Hubbard took his club back and delivered an inch-perfect wedge shot into the impressively safe hands of the expectant caddie. 

Check out the video below:

It's fair to say if a mere mortal were to try this same trick, there would be a reasonably hefty lawsuit and a lifetime ban to follow.

Hitting a ball across a range is probably the most dangerous thing you can do at a golf course, but thankfully, Hubbard is pretty handy with a wedge in hand and managed to avoid the 15 or so players and caddies who were directly in his firing line. 

We can't figure out which is more impressive, the shot itself or the fact that Bonnalie was able to pluck the ball out of the air with ease.

While it's not like he was catching one off the face of a driver, anybody who's been dumb enough to try and catch a golf ball out of the air will be able to tell you it's not a pleasant experience. 

Bonnalie posted the video on his Instagram account, and it quickly caught the attention of golf fans around the world, most of whom were stunned by his catching ability.

As things stand, Hubbard is sitting T63rd on the leaderboard at the ZOZO and Dahmen T17. Luckily for fans of amusing online golf content, there is no cut at the tournament, so both players and their caddies will be sticking around for the weekend.

Keep your eyes on Bonnalie's Instagram account. There's never been a better time to start following. 

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