Rory McIlroy confident TGL with Tiger Woods will attract younger people

Rory McIlroy reveals what TGL with Tiger Woods will bring to the party.

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Tue, 14 Nov 2023
Rory McIlroy confident TGL with Tiger Woods will attract younger people

Rory McIlroy is hoping his new tech-infused TGL with Tiger Woods will help attract more youngsters into the sport when it tees off in January 2024. 

McIlroy, 34, was speaking to the media ahead of this week's DP World Tour Championship in Dubai where he will collect a fifth Race to Dubai on Sunday.

The TGL may have suffered something of a blow earlier this month when Jon Rahm pulled out of the roster, but McIlroy is confident his new league featuring a number of PGA Tour stars will prove a big success and help get more younger people into the game. 

Here's all you need to know about TGL

When asked by a reporter what TGL will bring to the party, McIlroy replied: 

"Younger people hopefully. That's the future of our game is trying to get the younger generations involved and trying to have them somehow relate to our game in some way.
"So yeah, just a different demographic, trying to put golf on a slightly different platform, and you know, if we can increase the interest in the game for a younger demographic, hopefully golf doesn't look like what we are doing in TGL 50 years from now because it is a game to be played outdoors and on golf courses and in the fresh air.
"But I think there's a place for it to maybe get people excited about watching a different version of the game that they can relate to, and I guess if that gets their foot in the door in some way, that's a really good thing."

McIlroy also admitted during his press conference he is not enjoying his new role on the PGA Tour Board of Directors in light of the circuit's ongoing shock merger with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF). 

But despite all that, McIlroy does consider the professional game is in the best possible shape heading into 2024. 

McIlroy said: 

"I think the professional game has never been stronger or healthier or from a financial standpoint, there's never been a better time to be a professional golfer. But that's 5% of what golf is. It's the golf that you play; it's the golf that my dad plays. It's not just about us. It's about the overall health of the game.
"We are all talking about this investment coming into the top level of golf, but I think that investment also needs to go into the R&A and the USGA and for them to try to increase participation.
"So yes, all this stuff is going on but I hope some of that money that is going to be invested is in invested back into the game of golf in terms of grass roots programs and again trying to drive the game forward for the next generation."

What do you make of the plans for TGL? Do you think it will prove a success and attract a younger generation into the sport? Share your comments over on the GolfMagic social media channels. 

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