Jon Rahm reveals how he's spending US Open week after late WD

Former world number one Jon Rahm has revealed how he's spending the remainder of US Open week after he withdrew from the major on Tuesday.

Jon Rahm
Jon Rahm

Just because Jon Rahm isn't playing this 2024 US Open doesn't mean he's not watching. 

Rahm turned up to Pinehurst No.2 on Tuesday afternoon with his appearance in the major very much in doubt. 

The Spaniard limped into the interview room wearing one flipflop and revealed he has a toe infection. 

How the infection happened he wasn't sure, but a short while later Rahm was officially out.  


In a lengthy post on his social media channels, Rahm said it was better for his long-term health to not play. 

"To say I'm disappointed is a massive understatement," he wrote

On Thursday morning as play got underway, Rahm revealed he's not going to miss a moment of the action. 

And he's watching all the drama unfold from the comfort of his own living room. 

"Posted up and ready to enjoy the show," he wrote alongside a picture with his bandaged foot up in the air. 

It doesn't look like a bad life, does it? And his set-up is pretty cool. 

Just look at all the trophies:

What did Rahm say about his foot?

Asked what happened and the pain he is currently experiencing, Rahm said: "We've been trying to figure it out because I think that the closest term would be a lesion on the skin.

"If I were to show you, it's a little low in between my pinky toe and the next toe.

"I don't know how or what happened, but it got infected. The pain was high. 

"On the Saturday round [at LIV Houston], Saturday morning, I did get a shot to numb the area. 

"It was supposed to last the whole round, and by my second hole I was in pain already."

Jon Rahm
Jon Rahm

He added: "The infection was the worrisome part. The infection is now controlled, but there's still swelling and there's still pain. 

"There's a reason I walked out here in a shoe and a flip-flop, trying to keep the area dry and trying to get that to heal as soon as possible.

"But I can only do what I can do. The human body can only work so fast."

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