10 DIY golf training aids you'll have at home

You don't have to shell out for training aids - you'll have most of these at your house!

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Thu, 8 Jun 2017
10 DIY golf training aids you'll have at home

Training aids can run into the hundreds of pounds, and the jury is still out on many of them.

But that doesn't have to be the case. Far from it - it's time for you to save some money! 

These training aids are completely free, because you’ll have them lying around your house (probably - and if you don't, they're really cheap to buy)!

Not only will it cost you nothing, but the drills you can use them for are some of the most effective out there.


CDs are so 90s - but they can still be used in 2017 to help your golf game.

Place it on the putting green, and put a golf ball in the middle. Address the ball and what do you see? Are your eyes over the ball?

This will let you see if you are stood exactly over the ball, if you’re too far away or too close. There's no "perfect stance" with putting, but a good start is to have the ball just outside your eyeline.