5 awesome golf practice drills to try this season

Going down the range and hacking away will do little to aid your game. Here are five drills that will make your practice more efficient.

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Thu, 25 May 2017
5 awesome golf practice drills to try this season


With the evenings about to get ever longer, there’s no better time to try out a few practice drills so that next time you’re playing seriously they may save you a few shots.

We’ve picked out five that can be tried painlessly and might even prove fun.

Practice with a purpose is important, rather than beating balls aimlessly and these tips will, hopefully pay dividends and be reflected in your scorecard.

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1. Stay committed through the shot

What you’ll need: Place a ball on the tee as you would for your driver, then place another tee six inches in front.

Why: This drill will help maintain your commitment through the ball at impact and follow through, especially in your driving.

How to do it: Take your address position, as you would normally with your driver or 3-wood and in the follow through, imagine you are trying to hit an imaginary ball off the forward of the two tee pegs. The path of the club will stay low through impact and give a more penetrating flight.