Save shots around the green by using a hybrid

Why using a hybrid around the greens can save you shots and lower your scores.

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Mon, 27 Jul 2020

Short game is one of the toughest elements of golf to master but the more shots you can add to your arsenal the better. Being short of the green and safely on the fairway should be an ideal place for you to get the ball close to the hole and make the putt, but for some golfers, the tight lie of a fairway seems to cause more problems than being in the rough.

The short grass of the fairway can cause some amateurs to get stuck with their club choice and can lead to a chunky wedge shot that doesn't even reach the green, or a thin stinger that flies through the back. That's why former European Tour player Andrew Murray suggests that using a hybrid in these positions can save the day.

“It’s really important to assess the lie of the ball and choose the correct club and shot for your skill set. When the lie is tricky, a chip-and-run using a hybrid club is an option that can often be overlooked. For me, it’s a bit of a gamechanger and this relatively simple shot can get you out of all sorts of trouble,” said Murray.

Making golf as simple as possible is the key to success and using a lofted club when there is no trouble to fly over is certainly not making the game any easier.

If you're a confident wedge player then it might be your go-to club around the green, but if you've got nothing but short grass in front of you, try using a hybrid and simply allowing the ball to roll towards the hole.

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