Stay At Home Golf Tip #3: Ewen Ferguson talks driver rhythm

WATCH: Tip #3 in the Modest Golf x GolfMagic Stay At Home Golf Tips series...

Stay At Home Golf Tip #3: Ewen Ferguson talks driving
Stay At Home Golf Tip #3: Ewen Ferguson talks driving

In the third of our new Stay At Home Golf Tips series in partnership with Modest Golf, we catch up with European Tour star Ewen Ferguson and his best tip for improved driving. 

Ferguson, who became the first Scot to win the Boys Amateur Championship in almost a decade when he claimed the title at Royal Birkdale in 2013, reveals some key tips you can work on to improve the rhythm of your backswing with the driver. 

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"So the first thing I'd like to discuss is rhythm on your backswing as it will help you under pressure, especially when you've got out of bounds and water in play," says Ferguson, who plays on both the European Tour and Challenge Tour in 2020.

"I see a lot of amateurs who are very jerky on the way back and I think the key thing here is to ensure you have a nice low arc on the way back. You want nice width and to almost feel like you have a split-second pause at the top of your swing. 

"To help with this, I always feel like I have like a metronome feel in my head like 'ready, back. hit'.

"It's like a split-second pause at the top. You probably won't even feel it, but it gives you a little bit of breathing space at the top so you can really release and make a full turn through the ball. 

Stay At Home Golf Tip #3: Ewen Ferguson talks driver rhythm

"The second tip is really simple, but I've always been taught this since I was young. I always feel this tip helps under pressure when you need to hit a good drive, or any shot really, and this tip is to make sure you hold your finish.

"Not only does it look better, but it also minimises your bad shot whether you're hitting a big draw or a big fade. It makes you commit to the shot a bit more, and it makes you take a full turn through the ball. It's a great tip for that first shot in front of the clubhouse.

"Give those tips a go and let me know how you get on."




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