Swing Tips: It's all in the HIPS!

In the first instruction video of our brand new series with Tee Box London, we look at the importance of the hips and how it can improve your swing.

Swing Tips: It's all in the HIPS!
Swing Tips: It's all in the HIPS!

Puring your irons is a magical feeling, but why can't we do it more often? A lot of golfers get caught up with working on their arms as part of the swing or other factors like ball position, but there's a crucial part of the swing that so many people forget about, the hips!

"It's all in the hips" is a famous line that most of us remember from the golf film that we all know and love, Happy Gilmore.

When Chubbs Peterson was giving Happy one of his first golf lessons, he told him about the importance of the hips and he certainly wasn't lying.

Look at some of the best ball strikers in the world and watch their hip movement throughout the swing. For example, Jon Rahm has highlighted many times how he works on exploding his hips out the way to start his downswing and help to generate power.

Watch our first video of our brand new instruction series with Tee Box London below, where PGA Professional and Director of Tee Box Harry Varney explains how to introduce power to your game by using your hips.

Tee Box is the latest indoor golf facility to hit London, found in the heart of the city in St Paul's, Tee Box provides golfers with the perfect practice facility to visit during a lunch break or after work.

With four spacious bays kitted out with Trackman technology, golfers can learn more about the data behind their game and improve at a more efficient rate.

For more information about Tee Box London, click here.

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