TIP 5: Bunker shots

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Tue, 18 Jul 2017

TIP 5: Bunker shots


Chances are you'll get a dodgy bounce somewhere along the way and your ball will find a bunker. 

Bunkers on a links course tend to be quite deep, so you might want a lob wedge. Having said that, you find you're in a bunker that is greenside but then you've also got another 60 feet to get to the flag. We don't want to risk flying it all the way. 

What I suggest for this type of shot is a pitching wedge or even a 9-iron. You play it like a normal splash shot but just because you're using a PW or 9-iron it won't generate as much spin and the ball will run out. 

The key is to assess what you've got to work with and use that club accordingly.

TIP 5: Bunker shots

Be sure to keep the loft on the club on these types of shots. You'll see guys coming through the ball and the right hand will release underneath, rather than traditionally the other way on a normal shot. Imagine you were balancing something on the club face on the way through. 

If you shut the loft down as you take the club back, you'll find there will be more of a digging action because the leading edge is digging. Don't be scared to have the wide open and keep the loft on it as you go back. This will promote the sole hitting the sand rather than the leading edge.