Why going cross handed could transform your chipping

PGA pro Adam Glass looks at the key benefits behind cross handed chipping.

why going cross handed could transform your chipping
why going cross handed could transform your chipping


The cross handed chipping technique isn’t new with PGA Tour winners such as Vijay Singh and Chris Couch, but for most amateurs it might be the key to transform your chipping.

There are multiple advantages to practicing with this drill, but let’s run you through the key benefits.

I often see far too much hand action involved when amateurs chip, too much upward cocking of the wrists on the backswing when very little hand action is required, in fact its more of a minimal hinging motion with the trail hand and no upward cocking of the wrists.

The cross handed drill pre sets the trail wrist in this position and eliminates the chance of cocking the wrists as you take the club away.


Why going cross handed could transform your chipping

You may top a few to start with but stick with it and try to eliminate the hand action, a little body rotation towards target in the way through is fine and will help.

We don’t want too much forward shaft lean at impact or the lead wrist cupping, this drill should help to eliminate both of these destructive movements.

After a few shots you will start to use the bounce a little more and won’t feel the leading edge is digging.

You may find to get comfortable the shaft plane is a little more upright on set up, this is fine as it should create a slightly more vertical plane to the action, stop the club falling behind you too much and let you use the weight of the club in the downswing rather than driving the hands towards the ball.


Why going cross handed could transform your chipping

I actually started off going cross handed as just a drill when my chipping got a bit flicky. 

It's a Pete Cowen drill and I saw Matt Fitzpatrick using it. I was showing the drill to some guys I was teaching at the time and I actually started hitting better chip shots by going left below right. It's something that has now just stuck. It just gives me a feeling, just like someone might do with their putting grip.

If you're struggling with your chipping and playing these types of shots around the green, it's definitely worth giving this grip a go. Then you can revert back to your normal grip, or if you're like me, stick with it.

Best of luck trying it, I’m sure you will transform your chipping. I look forward to hearing how your getting on, feel free to send in your questions.

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