Farleigh Golf Club excited about course condition post lockdown

Farleigh Golf Club, part of the Foxhills Group, is excited about the condition of the course for members to return to when the club re-opens.

Farleigh Golf Club excited about course condition post lockdown
Farleigh Golf Club excited about course condition post lockdown

At a time where everything seems so negative, Farleigh Golf Club in Surrey remains positive abouot the future of the club and is excited about the condition of the course, which has been able to blossom during the coronavirus lockdown.

Farleigh - part of the Foxhills Group - boasts three spectacular nine-hole courses, but like every other golf club in the country, has been forced to close its doors in order to follow government guidelines.

Although the club would have rather remained open, general manager of Farleigh Golf Club James Ibbetson is taking the postives during a difficult situation for everyone.

The course condition at Farleigh is always at a very high standard, but Ibbetson is excited to see how prestige the course can become, with greenkeepers still working hard and the improved weather of late doing its bit to help.

“While the golf course remains closed, the greenkeeping team is working tirelessly, while sticking to strict social distancing and other safe working guidelines as outlined by the government and Public Health England," he said. "This ensures that our courses are in the best possible condition for everyone to enjoy as and when we are able to fully re-open.

“The sun has also been shining recently and the grass is growing, an ideal combination for a healthy golf course. The condition of the course received much praise last year and that is with annual traffic of 35,000 rounds. We look forward to seeing the condition after the period of no play and the undivided attention and TLC from the greenkeeping team."

Farleigh has also been able to adapt during the current crisis and still offer its members the chance to improve their golf game.

“We are striving to keep our members and visitors informed and connected during this unprecedented time," said Ibbetson. "We have been in regular communication with them with a range of teaching content, including tips and drills for them to perfect at home or in the garden, as well as photos and updates from our greenkeeping team. The team has also been trying to personally call each and every member to check in with them and their family and gather some feedback as to what they would like to see the club do more of when it’s in a position to re-open.

“At times like this, it’s important to think outside the box and be as innovative as possible. One of the ways we have done this is a virtual captains handover, as well as online golf lessons from our PGA professionals through the app Zoom.

“We will continue to do everything we can to keep the club in the best possible position throughout this challenging time and we are confident that we can emerge better than ever, when the time is right."

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