Buenavista Golf, Tenerife: course review

Seve's sparkling design is one of Tenerife's best layouts 

buenavista tenerife golf course review
buenavista tenerife golf course review

Buenavista Golf, Tenerife: course review

Like the UK, there is a north-south divide in Tenerife. Unlike the baron landscape and rocky beaches of the southern regions, the north is relatively green, with white sand. 

Because of this, golf courses in the south are often quite different from those in the north - at least, their surroundings certainly are. 

Located on the north-west coast in Buenavista de Norte, Buenavista's environment is relatively unspoilt by tourism and still holds an authentic charm, which cannot be said for all corners of Tenerife.


Many will be drawn by the desire to play a Seve Ballesteros’ design, and fans of the Spaniard should take a trip to the clubhouse to see the photos of the legendariy player at the club.

A little inspiration will do no harm before you head out to the first tee. 


Buenavista Golf, Tenerife: course review

How to get there
Monarch, the scheduled leisure airline, operates flights to Tenerife from Birmingham, Leeds Bradford, London Gatwick, London Luton and Manchester airports with fares, including taxes, starting from £60 one way (£121 return)

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Buenavista Golf, Tenerife: course review

Accommodation - Hotel Hacienda Del Conde

This stunning, luxury hotel is not your usual 5-star offering. Each room seems to have its own charm, with a homely, but most definitely premium vibe.

Balconies boast outrageous rooms over the golf course and sea, and the restaurants offer outstanding cuisine, served by knowledgeable and friendly staff.

As a compliment to the golf course, this is unrivalled.

Head to the hotel's website for more information. 

Buenavista Golf, Tenerife: course review

Course review

Almost throughout, golfers are offered paralysing views across the norther coastline of Tenerife and the surrounding sea. So much so, you almost need to concentrate on not letting your mind drift too far while navigating a round.

In Seve style, the course has six par-threes, par-fours and par-fives. This game plan we have always been fond of, allowing sharp shooters to prosper on shorter holes while the boomers can make their shots back on par-fives. And those that have it all get to test, and exhibit, their full arsenal.

Buenavista Golf, Tenerife: course review

Like all great courses should do, Buenavista crescendos towards a climactic end. The building blocks are intricate holes that rise and fall seamlessly, with bunkers and water galore, before a back nine of beauty and brilliance leave players aghast while sipping a cold beverage post-round.

The course is kept in a great condition, with lush, cut fairways leading onto large but undulating greens that are fast, but playable for all handicaps.

Like many courses on the island, it is relatively simple off the tee, although a handful of holes may deter nervous drivers from reaching for the big stick without too much thought.  

Buenavista Golf, Tenerife: course review

Many holes back onto each other, with just a line of trees for separation. Golfers may, like us, find themselves playing from the wrong fairway on occasion – remember to smile and say “hello” at the group coming the other way.

While you may breathe easy on the tee box, the greens will quicken the pulse. Often surrounded by bunkers and on many occasions water, the putting surfaces are undulating and unruly.

Unlike some other greens we encountered on Tenerife, however, there was no Micky Mouse element to the putting surfaces. You must putt well, with your ability to read greens and judge pace forensically examined, but it is always a fair test of your flat stick prowess.

As you work your way inland on the outstanding front nine, the treat really starts on the final stretch. You are so close to the sea at times, you can almost taste the salt.

Buenavista Golf, Tenerife: course review

The par-four 16th is an outstanding hole, with a dramatic cliff lining the left side of the fairway. Longer hitters will be able to shoot for the green in one, but stray offline slightly and you'll be struggling to salvaga par.

Buenavista Golf, Tenerife: course review

As you walk the fairway, stop for a minute to enjoy the view, and notice the infinity pool chiselled into the rock. If only we’d brought our swimming trunks.

The par-three 17th requires a long iron off the tee, and even if you hit the green you flirt with a three putt if you land on the wrong side of the green.

Buenavista Golf, Tenerife: course review

The last is a well designed risk-and-reward design – a hole you know Seve would have loved taking on. The dogleg will push longer players into trouble on the right, so cutting the corner is an option if you are hitting the ball well.

The second shot is treacherous because of the water lining the front of the green, punctuated by a waterfall. It takes two masterful strokes to get onto the green for a chance at eagle, and even a short wedge shot into the green is tricky depending on the wind.

This triplet of holes could easily trip up a decent round to this point.

Buenavista Golf, Tenerife: course review


A sensational Seve layout that marries outstanding natural beauty and a characterfully curated course.

The front nine serves as an aperitif to the outstanding final stretch, one that can destroy the card if players stray off the tee.

Greens, like many in Tenerife, are both large and undulating, meaning many matches will be decided on the proficiency of players’ approach and putting skills.

Arguably the best layout on the island, and situated in an area immersed in local charm.

Put this one at the top of your list when traveling to Tenerife.

Head to the Buenavista Golfwebsite for more information.

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