Vice Golf introduce FREE golf ball customisation for golf fans!

Have you always wanted to customise your own golf balls to make sure that no one else picks them up? Look no further...

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Fri, 11 Feb 2022
Vice Golf offer FREE golf ball customisation campaign!

If your friends have joined you in playing with Vice golf balls, you need to mark your territory and make sure that none of them grab your balls by mistake.

Whether it is a name, a face, an emblem or any sort of insignia that you can think of, Vice have offered a superb new golf ball customization service for you to try out now.

Vice are covering one-sided print costs for all orders, so feel free to combine ball models and logos however you want, so ordering together with your golf partners is easier than ever.



Take a look at which Vice golf balls you can use for customization.






This ball is optimized for higher ball speed and tremendous driver distance. It offers excellent short-game spin thanks to stick to the green (S2TG) technology.

Price: £149.40 per five-dozen


The Vice TOUR ball remains the all-rounder in our portfolio. With the new Vice TOUR, you benefit from the technological improvements, including an updated hardness distribution, a higher coefficient of restitution (COR) and lower driver spin, which result in more distance off the tee.

Price: £101.40 per five-dozen


The best value for money deal for all golfers in search of a distance ball with soft feel. The low compression gives the golfer an outstanding feel at impact and superior control while maximizing carry and total distance off the tee.

Price: £65.40