Billy Foster on "dead" and "soulless" DP World Tour: "It's on its arse!"

Veteran caddie Billy Foster believes the DP World Tour should welcome LIV Golf players for Ryder Cup selection as he claimed the circuit is "on its arse". 

Billy Foster on "dead" and "soulless" DP World Tour: "It's on its arse!"
Billy Foster on "dead" and "soulless" DP World Tour: "It's on its arse!"

Veteran caddie Billy Foster claims the DP World Tour has "sold its soul" to an organisation that has "done nothing but stamp its foot on us for the last 40 years." 

The legendary caddie - who has served Seve Ballesteros, Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood, Sergio Garcia, Darren Clarke and now U.S. Open champion Matt Fitzpatrick, believes the circuit formerly known as the European Tour is "on its arse". 

Foster made the comments to GolfDigest's John Huggan for a report exploring the uncertain future facing the DP World Tour going into 2023 owing to the emergence of LIV Golf

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It was previously reported that the DP World Tour mulled an investment offer from Golf Saudi in 2020, only to announce a "strategic alliance" with the PGA Tour. 

The circuit allegedly considered partnership with LIV Golf in the middle of last year before all hell broke loose, only to strengthen their ties with the established, American circuit. 

One change will see the top 10 players in the Race to Dubai Rankings receiving PGA Tour cards for the following season. 

This has led to accusations that the DP World Tour is becoming a "feeder tour". 

It is a contention the likes of Paul McGinley flat out denies

Foster said: 

"I'm upset. For one thing, this isn't the European Tour anymore. … We've sold our soul to an organization [the PGA Tour] that has done nothing but stamp its foot on us for the last 40 years." 

The decorated caddie also believes LIV players shouldn't be banned. 

His views appear similar to the aforementioned Fitzpatrick, who has backed Garcia for Ryder Cup selection

Fitzpatrick even suggested he would be willing to share a room with the Spaniard to help reduce any animosity. 

Foster added: 

"They should be welcome on this tour. I'd also have them available for Ryder Cup selection. And the captaincy. In contrast, too many players out here bring nothing to the party. The European Tour is dead. It's on its arse. It has lost its heart and soul, which breaks my heart." 

His comments were also echoed by prominent swing coach Pete Cowen. 

Cowen told Huggan: 

"I was here before the European Tour existed. I'll probably be here when the European Tour ceases to exist. That's what I fear. For this tour not to align themselves with the Saudis was a mistake. … Players see the LIV people earning huge money that could have created 30 unbelievable tournaments on this tour. At the right time, too, which would have enticed a lot of big names."

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Not everyone takes this position. 

Former Ryder Cupper and DP World Tour pro Oliver Wilson told the publication:

"I was worried for a while.I didn’t want to be away from my family playing for $1.5 million when it was costing me $5,000 every week. All with the hassle of travel. It just wasn’t appealing. But the deal with the PGA Tour changed all that. This is a great time to be playing golf.

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DP World Tour chief executive Keith Pelley also told the publication it was a "complete fallacy" the circuit was "giving away" its assets, adding: 

"Our tour will get stronger in every way. The quality of the lower-ranked players will rise. I would ask any player with concerns to come and ask me about it. They should be thrilled that the PGA Tour has this relationship with us."

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