DP World Tour pro BLASTS LIV Golf players for being "disrespecting of the tours"

A DP World Tour pro has taken to Twitter to blast LIV Golf and some LIV Golf players over "disrespecting of the tours" on Sunday. 

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Tue, 25 Apr 2023
DP World Tour pro BLASTS LIV Golf players for being "disrespecting of the tours"

DP World Tour pro Dave Horsey took to Twitter on Sunday evening to blast LIV Golf and some of its players and even LIV Golf's Lee Westwood got involved. 

Horsey, a four-time DP World Tour winner, said that he took issue with some LIV Golf players wanting to have the opportunity to play on both LIV Golf and the DP World Tour after they've criticised the latter. 

A few weeks ago, news broke that Greg Norman's LIV Golf had lost its arbitration case against the DP World Tour. The result means that the DP World Tour can now sanction their members who've played in conflicting LIV Golf events without clearance from them. 

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Horsey, 38, took to Twitter Sunday to share his thoughts on the on-going situation in men's professional golf:

"I have no issue with players choosing to go play LIV… but I do have an issue with the deformation & disrespecting of the tours and players that gave them a platform to create their brand in the first place. And then think it’s fine to just come back & play when it suits?"

His tweet didn't go unnoticed by a LIV Golf member, either. 

Westwood, who turned 50 on Monday, won 25 times on the DP World Tour before leaving for LIV Golf last year.

He was one of the 13 players who were individually named as an appellant on the LIV Golf arbitration case that they lost. 

Westwood replied to Horsey's tweet on Monday:

Horsey then clarified what he meant to Westwood on Monday:

"My point was more about criticising then still wanting to come back and play," Horsey wrote. "I actually think LIV players playing is good for the events. We want the strongest fields possible. Just no need to defamate in the process. That wasn’t the case in your example"

Westwood didn't appear to reply to Horsey's response, and the conversation seems to have ended there. 

However, the LIV Golf and DP World Tour discussion certainly hasn't. 

This also wasn't the only twitter discussion relating to the two leagues that happened over the past few days. 

DP World Tour pro Eddie Pepperell got into his own twitter back-and-forth with LIV Golf's Richard Bland over the weekend.

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