Best accessories from VICE Golf

Check out some of the best golf accessories available from one of the most fashionable in the game, VICE Golf.

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Thu, 11 Jul 2019
VICE Golf accessories

VICE Golf are known for producing premium golf balls for a cheaper price. Why? Because they cut out the middle man and are only available to buy online. But it's not just golf balls that you'll want to buy from VICE Golf. As one of the coolest brands in the game, they offer a range of different accessories for an affordable price, so check out some of the best accessories available.

Fix your swing and pure your irons


VICE Golf hats come in a

range of different styles and colours. The Dad Crew hat is the classic style of hat available from VICE Golf and comes in four different colours. There is also a range of different Crew caps that come with the more modern flat peak that you see a lot of younger golfers wear on and off the course.

One of GolfMagic's favourites was the College Cap in black, with a plastic adjustable snapback fastener and a more rounded top. It's a great option to wear out on the course but looks just as good to wear socially too.

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You won't find a cooler towel than the ones on offer at VICE Golf. The towels are made from microfibres meaning they dry much faster than ordinary towels.

There are three options available, the Shine Towel Black with a bi-coloured GORILLA portrait conveying strength and power, the Shine Towel Miami Blue with a dominant ALLIGATOR print with caricatured Everglades background, and the Shine Towel Lime with a LION portrait. All three towels have the portrait on one side and their respected colours on the other, as well as the VICE Golf logos.

Our favourite was the Shine Towel Lime as we loved the striking bright neon colour and the epic lion portrait on the other side.

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The VICE GUARD umbrella protects you and your playing partners against rain and wind while impressing with high quality, functionality and design. Taking inspiration from the fairways of a golf course, the black canopy is styled with a black tone-on-tone camouflage design, creating a unique pattern on each umbrella.

Despite the umbrella`s large coverage of 55", it remains secure in the hand and easy to carry thanks to a carbon fibre shaft and an ergonomic handle.

The double-canopy design of the umbrella will improve usability in windy conditions, helping you to stand out on and off the golf course while keeping you stylishly dry.

The GUARD umbrella is available in BLACK or NEON LIME, but GolfMagic's favourite was the BLACK, due to its sleek look and modern design.


Travel in style with the SHELL TRAVEL COVER, designed to fit all regular size, stand, cart and Tour bags. 
Tearproof and resilient high-performance nylon on the outside combined with the soft padding on the inside cater for secure transportation of the Vice SHELL under any circumstances.
The Vice SHELL travel cover provides enough space for your golf bag which can be fixed with a strap to prevent slipping. Accessories and shoes can be stored in two separate inside pockets and an additional pocket on the outside.

Whenever the Vice SHELL is not on a journey it can be easily stored without taking a lot of space thanks to the carrying bag which matches the BLACK MELANGE and NEON LIME style.

This was one of our favourite accessories available from VICE Golf and we can't wait to put it into action on our travels!

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