Best golf balls 2018

Best golf balls 2018: peruse our favourite premium golf balls from 2018. 

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Mon, 30 Jul 2018

Best golf balls 2018

Multi-layered, control and spin with short clubs. Distance with the longer sticks. Soft feel. Durable. These are the attributes golf ball manufactures are searching for.

Titleist still dominate the premium ball market with their Pro V1/X – by some distance - and in 2018 they add the new AVX product to the mix.

But there are other brands in the market with new gleaming specimens. Some of the names are big hitters in the equipment space, some are specific for balls.

Take a look through the best golf balls for 2018. 

Prices are per dozen. 



Titleist ProV1/x

Designed to offer more distance, lower spin and a more consistent flight in 2018. Combine that with control around the greens, a soft feel and durability, and you’re onto a winner.

Tech: Spherically tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design, 2.0 ZG core, soft urethane elastomer cover, ionomeric casing

Price: £52 


Titleist AVX

Engineered to offer the same top-drawer performance as the Pro V1/X with a piercing low flight and softer feel. The lowest flying, lowest spinning, softest ball in the line-up at Titleist.

Tech: GRN41 cast thermoset urethane cover, low compression core, high-flex casing, 352 tetrahedral catenary aerodynamic design.

Price: £52


TaylorMade TP5/x

A five-piece golf ball designed to go a whole lot further with the long clubs, while also offering control and a soft feel with the scoring irons.

Tech: five-layers, tri-fast core, dual spin cover

Price: £49.99


TaylorMade Project (a)

Made to offer distance at the long end of the bag and control/spin at the short end. The three-layer Project (a) is the more affordable premium option from TaylorMade.

Tech: dual-distance core, 322LDP dimple pattern

Price: £39.99


Srixon Z-Star/XV

The fifth-generation Z-star golf ball is trumpeted as providing more distance, more spin, and more control in the wind. The flight has been tweaked, and there’s also a softer feel in 2018.

Tech: super-soft core, 338 speed dimple pattern, new skin, 0.5mm urethane cover. Used in the outer core of this golf ball allows designers to push the limits of compression in the inner and outer core for spin and control on shorter and distance on the long hits.

Price: £39.99


Callaway Chrome Soft/X

Graphene lands in 2018 with Callaway’s new ball, the strongest and thinnest material on earth.

Tech: Graphene-infused dual soft fast core, dual-core construction, tour urethane cover, fast submantle

Price: £39.99


Vice Pro

Vice cut out the middleman, offering a prized product at an appealing price point. Designed for be soft and durable, the Pro ball is made to offer you loads of spin around the greens alongside devastating distance when needed.

Tech: cast urethane cover, s2TG, BJ13 cover, 318 dimple design, “Keep in line” alignment aid

Price: £29.99


Volvik Vivid

The Vivid stands out thanks to a matte finish, which a bunch of other brands have since copied. If you have a slower swing speed and want more distance this one could be for you. It has a mid-high flight and a soft-medium feel.

Tech: anti-reflective, dual core, Z-III spin control, 332 optimum flight

Price: £39


Mizuno MP-S

Mizuno say this is the “ball that loves to spin”. Made to offer loads of control and a soft feel, the MP-S has also been developed to provide distance too.

Tech: urethane cover, 330 dimple pattern, larger inner core

Price: £29.99


Bridgestone B330-S

Used by Tiger Woods, the Bridgestone B330-S golf ball is a three-layer ball designed to offer accuracy and distance. The core and cover combine for heaps of stability between club and ball for more distance and control.

Tech: Slipres cover, tour core, dual dimple, seamless cover

Price: £24.99